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Come join us for an ALL LEVELS Expanded Hot & Vinyasa Yoga training where you will learn Classical Hatha (at least 36 Traditional from the Ghosh Lineage, which include the world famous 26&2), 3 Traditional Namaskar, as well as the Modern tools for teaching Vinyasa Curriculum and Therapeutic Anatomy to assist injuries.

Yoga Herald Square Hot & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training is a RYS-200hr Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training held at the beautiful and successful  Yoga Herald Square in Herald Square, Manhattan

Upcoming Training

15 day 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified Intensive
8/4 Friday - 8/18th Friday 2017

Early-Bird registration $800 off extended...
Full price $4,000

Yoga Herald Square
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If you are a first timer or a seasoned practitioner, student or teacher, mother, father, daughter or son....this training is for you...Anyone can take this training...

Your training will take place at the beautiful family owned Yoga Herald Square in Midtown Manhattan.  There will be exciting anatomy labs, fascinating lectures and discussions, lots of time to deeply connect and create long lasting friendships, and time spent teaching and receiving feedback.      

There will also be teaching in Sanskrit Phonetics, Mantra Sadhana, Pranayama, Tantric Kriya, Meditation, Yogasutras + Classical Yogic Studies, Physical, Energetic, Myofascial Anatomy, Therapeutics/Biomechanics Modification, Injury Management and Prevention, Business of Yoga, Branding, Media, Ethics

Additional benefits for summer intensive
Free practice of all classes at Yoga Herald Square during training
Free mat storage
Heavily discounted lodging at owners house

Some of the multitude of things that you will learn and receive from your training.....

  • A clear understanding of the structural components of asana, as physical elements and philosophical teaching tools
  • A vast array of Pedogical Teaching tools for mastery over the foundations of teaching Yoga
  • Various perspectives on Practice and Profession
  • The tools to become the fullest representation of your potential as a Teacher
  • Deepen your own Practice, and expand your thinking as your own, and attest your students capabilities
  • Confidence in your new skills and tools for sharing this incredible practice

Training dates...

Your intensive training will be a 15 day intensive starting on August 4th Friday and ending on August 18th Friday.
Sample weekend & weekday schedule 630am-7:30pm

The general schedule for a day will include taking 2 classes and observing one.  Lectures, anatomy labs, posture clinics and practice teaching.  Total of 180 hours.  

Your September 8 weekend training will start on 9/8
Tentative dates (Saturdays/Sundays)



You will also learn...
Anatomy + Physiology

Skeletal structures - Muscles, Bones and Joints...

Breakdown of the skeletal structures that hold the body up and initiate movement.  Emphasis will be placed on how the body moves, articulates, and understanding safe initiation in those component parts. 

You will be able to identify major structures - bones, muscles, joints - and utilize common terminology in the exploration of Anatomical landmarks. 

Soft Structures - Tendons, Ligaments, Myofascial Meridians...

Breakdown of the soft tissues that hold the body up and initiate movement.  Emphasis will be placed on how the body moves, articulates, and understanding safe initiation in those component parts.  There will also be a discussion on soft tissue injuries and management.  

You will be able to identify major tissues - tendons, ligaments, and the major myofascial meridians - and utilize common terminology in the exploration of Anatomical landmarks and Yoga Practice.

Physical - Systems + Organs...

Biological breakdown of the major systems and organs of the body.  Emphasis will be placed on how these affect and are affected by movement, lack of movement, respiration, and Yogic Practice. 

You will be able to identify major organs and understand the role of the bodily systems and organs in respect to daily life, and with the variable of Yoga Practice added to their daily function. 

Skeletal Movement - The spine + healthy joint articulation...

Breakdown of the major sections, movements, and kinesthetic articulations of the Spinal Column, as well as a thorough discussion on healthy joint articulation.  

You will understand and be able to identify the major sections of the spinal column, the rotational degree of the vertebra of each section, as well as how to utilise myofascial meridians to affect healthy joint articulation.  

Energetic - Systems, Centers...

Energetic breakdown of the major energetic systems and organs of the subtle body.  Emphasis will be placed on the 7 primary chakras, the 8 secondary chakras, the 3 primary nadis (sushumna, ida, pingala) and the directional flow of prana.  

You will be able to identify major organs and understand the role of the energetic systems in respect to daily life, and with the variable of Yoga Practice added to affect their  function.  

Asana Series...

Warmup + Basic core/spinal movements
Standing externally rotated postures
Standing neutrally rotated postures
Standing twists + balancing
Seated twists + core strengthening
Backbends:  Backward lengthening
Arm support + balancing
Folds:  Forward lengthening


Every Asana intensive will include the primary rotation/action for the weekend’s grouping of postures, major component parts of each asana explored, key points to ensure healthy placement of the body in the pose, and guided practicum in small groups to vocalize the knowledge and embed cueing points into memory.  

You will familiarize yourself with the component parts (muscles utilized/stretched and parts needed to be warmed before the pose is executed), necessary placement (foundation, core, expression), traditional pose/counter-pose sequencing, and progressive movements necessary for each asana explored in the spectrum.  You will develop a key understanding of what healthy pose integration entails as well as healthy entry/exit transition points.  And you will be able to guide a student through the pose, even if it is currently unavailable in their Body/Practice.   


Asana:  Practice + Application...

You will take two Hatha Yoga classes each week, for the duration of the training, with Jason Morris, ERYT-500 and Gregory Weglarski

You will familiarize yourself with the asanas explored, in the context of a full Yoga Practice/Class.  The underlying goal of maintaining the regular Practice hours is to allow observation of intelligent modification with students of all ages/sizes/abilities, while keeping the intention and integrity of the Practice in order. 

Asana:  Observation + Critical analysis...

You will observe three yoga classes per month, complete and observation and feedback form, and continue with a discussion with the Lead Trainer on your findings

You will start cultivation of your critical analysis skills in observation, allowing structural breakdown, reflection, and deeper understanding of the class material. 

Pranayama:  Giving the breath life...

This lecture will provide a functional understanding of the bio anatomical and energetic qualities of the breath, as it pertains to the body and the Practice.  You will be led through a number of basic to intermediate Pranayama's, given their function/application, and guided on the contraindication/concerns of utilizing them carefully in the classroom setting.  

You will cultivate a respect for Breathwork, as well as the breathing that underlies the Practice.  You will become comfortable bringing it in as a specific intentional section of the class, or just instructing it under the asana being created.  

Sound + Sanskrit:  An alphabet of energy...

This lecture will provide a functional understanding of the energetics and physical vocalizing of the Sanskrit language, and its place in Practice and Teaching

You will cultivate a respect and understanding for why the Sanskrit presence in classes is so crucial.  You will be able to demonstrate functional mastery of all Sanskrit pose names while teaching (to eliminate asana ambiguity), as well as the bija (seed) mantra for each chakra and energetic focus in meditation

Mantra:  Sacred words of power...

You will be given a history of mantra as it pertains to the Classical Texts (Rig Veda, Purusha Suktam, etc), an understanding of bija (seed sounds) for an energetic or deitic focus, provided a number of long form mantras to incorporate into their Practice/classes.  The literal/energetic translations will be covered, as well as discussion on the wide ranging application of non-linear translation.  You will also be given a step by step plan to incorporate 40 day or longer Sadhanas into your life.

You will become comfortable with the meaning and vocalizing of mantra and sound in your body and class, as well as receive a deeper understanding for the usage in relation to situational emotion and meditation.  

Meditation:  The Ultimate Stillness...

You will be given the scientific studies, energetic theories, and step by step progressions through the progressions of different meditation practices.  Outlined will be steps for further exploration at-home or in the classroom.  

You will become comfortable explaining the need and benefits for the meditation practices to students who might be scared.  They will have a clear three step outline (pranayama, kriya, bhedana) for Practicing and Teaching Stillness.  


The Yoga Sutra's of Patanjali:  Samadhi Pada...

Every Philosophy intensive will include the deeper sociological undertones of what makes the Yoga Practice a world of information outside the physical asana.  The Yogic Lifestyle, Ethics, and Philosophies that play a primary role in intention setting also play a pivotal role on our development as more evolved human beings and Yogis.  

You will start to cultivate a more open mind, in reference to the spiritual aspects of Practice.  Developing a deeper sense of contemplation will allow a more focused and expansive consciousness around meditation, planning their sequences, and living. The first Pada also provides many subject ideas for class talks.

A "Yogic" Lifestyle...

This lecture specifically covers the way of "Right Living."  What is it to be Yogic?  Is it to be vegan? Is it not to kill spiders?  

You will start to form - for yourself - what "Yogic" will mean for your life, Practice, and future teaching career.  

Ethics:  Moral interaction within the yoga community...

Every Philosophy intensive will include the deeper sociological undertones of what makes the Yoga Practice a world of information outside the physical asana.  The Yogic Lifestyle, Ethics, and Philosophies that play a primary role in intention setting also play a pivotal role on our development as more evolved human beings and Yogis.  You will start to examine conscious interaction vs. stimulus reaction. 


The Art of Teaching:  Theory + Practice...

You will be educating in learning theories, education perspectives, and the way the brain assimilates information.  Discussion will then cover the basics of each category of asana (standing, seated, twist, arm balance, inversion, forward bends, etc) in their relation to the arc of a class.

You will understand the profound responsibility and the deep sensitivities it requires to take someone else's body/Practice in their hands.  You will start to understand the arcing of a class as it pertains to perspective and physical athletics.  

Language + Verbal Instruction...

This discussion will cover many different types of instructing asanas.  We will cover the simple steps for keeping instructions simple, effectively guiding the students, while giving them space to play and explore.  The importance kinetically of cueing from the ground up - from foundation through core to expression - and different methods of verbally adjusting the pose will be emphasized.  Cueing from the bones/muscles, body parts, and myofascial meridians will all be presented alongside each other, so students understand multiple ways of alerting students to potential adjustments they need to make, and ways to make the postures more accessible.  

You will understand the difference in cueing when first moving mindfully into a posture, while working in the posture, and coming out of the posture safely.  

Krama:  Sequencing + Progressions...

These three Lectures will cover the movements of a class in structure: focusing/warmup, general warm-up, targeted warm-up, kramas and component parts, peak pose, counterposing, and the cool down.  

You will understand the role of Namaskara, Standing asana, Balancing asana, Backbend, Inversion, Forward Bend and different perspectives on how these poses are healthily strung together to encompass a theme or motivated throughline.  You will start developing safe sequences for Practice.  

The Business of Yoga...

This Lecture will cover all the necessary tools in order to market/promote and successfully start a Yoga Business.  Topics will include: creating and marketing your yoga brand, social media, highlighting your positive and capitalizing your strong points, subbing and staying visible, putting yourself out there, and continuing educations. 

You will leave with a clearer understanding on what it is to have Yoga as a "Job" and the requisite and ongoing work it takes to maintain a stay in this Profession.

Teaching Practicum...

You will Practice Teach,  in front of a Trainer.  These sessions are set up at the end of the day, and last as long as it takes for each student to teach for the allotted times. 

You will be able to adequately assess what you need to focus on learning: cueing, information, asana points, presentation. And after your teaching, you will be given critical feedback by a Lead Trainer.  


139 West 35th street Floor 8, New York, NY 10123, between broadway and 7th avenue / All major subways to 34th street / 917-940-8935 / yhsttraining@gmail.com